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  • 31916-Bulk-Tennis-Ball-Walker-Glides---12-Pairs

    Bulk Tennis Ball Walker Glides – 12 Pairs

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    Save $38.40 when you buy 12 Pairs! The molded internal stabilizer provides exceptional stability by securely attaching the tennis ball onto the walker leg. The stabilizer also protects the tennis ball from the sharp edges of the walker leg, extending the life of the glide. They work on any standard walker with 1″ tubing, and are latex free.

    Indoors or out, nothing beats the stability and versatility of these Tennis Ball Walker Glides. Indoors, they quietly glide over linoleum and wood floors without leaving any marks. Outdoors, the round shape and tough exterior are the perfect combination for overcoming rough, uneven surfaces. Manufactured by Therafin.

    For more information about this product: Tennis Ball Walker Glide video

  • 30084 Button Hook Zipper Pull Dressing Stick- Bulk qty 16

    Button Hook/ Zipper Pull Dressing Stick- Bulk qty. 16

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    The Button Hook / Zipper Pull eases buttoning by sliding a spring steel loop into button hole to pull button through, and assists in pulling zippers with a small steel hook firmly embedded in the 5-1/2″ long ribbed handle. Manufactured by Therafin.
  • 30054 E-Z Slider Shoehorn, 24 - Bulk qty 20

    E-Z Slider Shoehorn, 24″ – Bulk qty. 20

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    Save $22.00 when you buy 20! E-Z Slider Shoehorns are 24″ long smooth coated steel with a 6″ non-slip red hand grip. Latex free. Manufactured by Therafin.