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    Sneeze Guard | Acrylic

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    • Effective, Acrylic Sneeze Guard. Protect your staff from the spread of germs, including COVID-19 symptoms. In less than 60 seconds, you’ll create a barrier at your counter space that is still inviting to your customers while ensuring safety and social distancing for your staff.
    • Designed and Manufactured in the USA: Therafin Corporation is a veteran in the medical devices space (51 years of medical device manufacturing experience). When you buy our sneeze guard, you’re buying experience and confidence.
    • Versatile and Quick: This portable barrier will fit in most counter spaces, and will be up and ready in less than 60 seconds (no tools required!)
    • High Quality Precision Engineering: The sneeze guard has an acrylic screen and HDPE feet. Every single unit is made on a state of the art CNC router, which means every one is exactly to specification.